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What sets SPSI apart is our ability to get things done. To introduce products where none existed. To offer integrated solutions that people value.

We have the right strategy. We have committed the resources. And we have the support of customers, like you, who trust us with your business.



We are a company of diverse and talented individuals with a singular customer focus.


We make decisions with accountability, integrity, and mutual trust.


We make investments that benefit our customers and our company.


We offer new services that extend beyond today’s traditional data center offerings.


We celebrate employees for providing extraordinary customer service.

Industries We Serve

SPSI has experience with a variety of industries, providing specific benefits and tailored solutions.

Strike Pointe


Increasing efficiency and accuracy with cutting-edge technology is the best way to stay ahead of the competition, and with SPSI, you’ll always have the best hardware, software and tools to serve your clients promptly and effectively. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you won’t ever miss a deadline because of sub-par IT


SPSI knows that educational institutions need cost-effective technology that can be scaled and secured easily. From building school-wide networks to developing device policies to optimizing IT. We’ll ensure your students can learn safely and effectively with state-of-the-art educational technology.

Financial Services

No one needs to tell you that efficient and secure handling of private information is an absolute must for financial services companies. Call on SPSI, and you’ll never have to worry about it again. We’ll set up a cloud infrastructure that improves both your security and service availability while lowering your operating costs. Our multiple layers of cybersecurity countermeasures will protect your business from any existing or future online threat, and our expert consultants will ensure your company achieves and maintains compliance with any government or industry regulations.


Patients rely on you for fast, accurate services, and SPSI understands that your technology is the key. Our technicians will deploy a customized IT infrastructure that keeps EHR and other vital data secure, always available, and accessible from anywhere, empowering your workforce to provide more efficient care and improve your patients’ outcomes. Our cybersecurity consultants will also protect your network against cyberattacks, current or new, and ensure you are always compliant with HIPAA and any other applicable regulations.

Government (Federal & State)

As a government organization, you have to work with what you’ve got to get the job done, but SPSI can help you stretch your IT budget and make the most out of your existing technology. That’s why our consultants will implement and maintain technology to increase security, enhance collaboration and productivity, and lower operating costs, all without breaking the budget. You’ll have more time and resources to spend on your vital work.

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